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КофеToday coffee is the world’s most popular drink on the planet, in the foreign trade of developing countries coffee is inferior only to oil! The civilized world today is inconceivable without this drink.

And what about the Ukrainian suppliers of coffee?

“Arda-Trading” is one of the main suppliers of coffee to the Ukrainian market. The Bruno and Intero trademarks stand out from the brand portfolio of Arda-Trading; these trademarks were created in 2008 thanks to the efforts of Ukrainian businessmen, among whom is the well-known investor Vadim Ermolaev.

They were developed for sale in retail chains, as well as for HORECA establishments. Over the past few years, buyers have had time to evaluate and choose their favorite coffee from a wide range of products, and it is quite easy to do because there is a huge variety of different sorts of coffee. The coffee is delivered from Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, the Republic of Malawi, Papua New Guinea, Nicaragua, India, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Costa Rica, Indonesia, and Colombia.

The diversity and high quality were evaluated more than once by experts and juries of various international competitions, among which are the first awards “Best Product-2011/2015/2016” at “Prodexpo”.

The company buys green coffee beans, roasts and packs on its own Swiss equipment of Buhler Company in the city of Dnipro, where the corporate headquarters is.

The usable packaging helps to preserve in the grains all healthy natural elements. All the technological processes are monitored by specialists who have been trained in Switzerland and Italy. The company ensures that coffee is properly prepared and served; amongst the associated goods are professional machines and utensils of the companies Nuova Simonelli, Helfer, Motta.

Nuova Simonelli is on the top in the rating of manufacturers of professional coffee machines. The acknowledgment of a great reputation of Nuova Simonelli. Regular field trips to plants, workshops and practical classes for restaurant-keepers and staff from different Ukrainian cities are held. As Robert de Niro once said: “The best drink is coffee. The best coffee is espresso. The best espresso is a double espresso! “

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